Saturday, January 1, 2000

Favorite Color Swap Questionnaire

Favorite Color Swap Questionnaire

1. What are your top three favorite colors?
Purple, sage green, blue

2. What crafts do you really enjoy? knitting

3. What products do you really covet? KnitPicks Harmony DPN’s sizes 10, 10.5, 11

4. What other activities do you enjoy besides your favorite crafty things? reading and hangin' with my family

5. Is there anything you collect? Other than yarn, nope

6. What is your zodiac sign and/or Chinese zodiac symbol? Capricorn

7.What are your favorite…

…scents/smells? Lavender, cucumber/melon, cinnamon

…types of music and/or bands? Easy Listening (Kenny Loggins, Celine Dion, Elton John - - that type)

…authors? Debbie Macomber, Steven King

…animals? hedgehogs

…places to shop? Yarn stores (no surprise), Disneyland

…season? Winter & Spring – anytime that it’s not hot

…yarn? Anything soft

…candies or goodies? Dark chocolate with caramel. No nuts.

8. Do you have any wish lists? Amazon but I don’t tend to keep it up

9. Are you allergic to anything? nope

10. Do you have any pets? What are they? One kitty and two bunnies that bunny about in my backyard

11. Please include anything else you would like your secret pal to know about you- anything that would be helpful in finding you little gifts that you will really enjoy. Also, if you have a Ravelry ID, please include it here.

Ravelry ID - arielzoe

I’m pretty easy. I don’t like coffee at all but other than that I’m always happy to get a surprise.

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