Friday, June 8, 2007


Another couple of dishcloths for an exchange. I love the bright green.

A friend asked me to make two dishcloths and two potholders for her sister for last Christmas. Her kitchen is dark red, dark green, and yellow. The yellow sort of looks white in the picture but it's really yellow. On the left, dishcloths. On the right, potholders.

Last year my friend Cindy thought that that it would be nice to have a long potholder. She didn't know that I'd take her idea to heart and make her one. This is Cindy's Christmas gift. A very long potholder so she can use two hands with three dishcloths to match.
This year she'll get a dishtowel and two more dishcloths to match.

I found this pattern here. I've always wanted to try entrelac and this garterlac dishcloth was the best thing to learn on.


Another cloth. The fun thing about dishcloths is I that can always learn a new technique. :-)

And while you're learning how to do a ballband cloth, may as well do a wristband for my son:

Rose dishcloth.

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KnitNana said...

So pretty! Merry Christmas!!!