Friday, May 4, 2012

Ballband mania!!

Kathy was making ballband dishcloths for a Pueblo Bombing.  I hadn't made any in a long time and was inspired to start a couple.

My hubby says they look rustic.  

A few days later Kathy was looking at the Ravelry ballbands and found one where both colors were variegated and realized what a nice combination it was that she wouldn't have thought of.

Somehow we decided that we should close our eyes, dive into our dishcloth stash (of which we both have way too much of), and choose random colors.  My first grab was orange and self striping pink.  I didn't think they'd look good together but they do.  I can see a lot of choosing colors for ballbands this way in my future.


hakucho said...

Love your ball bands! I think color wise anything goes with ballbands. I have never seen a ball band that I didn't like ;)

Michele Sant'Ana said...

Hi! How are you?
Your blog and posts are wonderful, i really loved it!
How do you made it?
Best wishes and see you soon.