Thursday, January 17, 2008

Valentine's Day knitting

These are for a friend for Valentine's Day. Hopefully she doesn't read my blog. The purple and pink heart pattern comes from here and the the red one came from here.


Deb said...

I LOVE the red cloth!! Where'd you get the pattern? Come on... spit it out. LOL!

Miss Me said...

never mind the red cloth - what about a pattern for those oh too cute little hearts?! please...???

Ariel said...


I added the patterns the the original post.

Thanks to you both :-)

shorty said...

Hmmmm guess those are not for me since you know I read your blog;) You did a fab job!

ps loven the little you! I think I need a little me!hehe

Else said...

Lovely things you make. The heart cloths are just what I`m looking for for a swap. I`m afraid I can`t get into the link for the red cloth. Have a nice day and thanks for the comment in my blog.