Wednesday, January 9, 2008


The lady I made the slippers for (see picture below) has started a Yahoo Group. If you're interested in joining, the description is right here...........

Oklahoma has some very cold winter months and the dear residents at the rest homes and mental care facility feet get so cold when temps hit in the 30's and below. This group is for those dear people, many who have no one who cares about them.

We will make slippers using the pattern called Maggie's slippers. Any size or color. They will be distributed to rest homes and care facilities here and in surrounding areas.

You will feel such a blessing knowing that you've helped bring a smile to someone's face plus keeping their feet warm.
Elderly people tend to have poor circulation and have cold hands and feet.

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Kathy R said...

Hi Ariel,
I just had to make that clear: no coffee for me! We non-coffee people are a minority and we must stick together!
Are you doing any of the new swaps?