Friday, December 7, 2007

The cat bed has a home

I gave some friends the cat bed hoping that maybe their cats would like it better than mine. Apparently they both do. YAY!!!!

It sure looked bigger without a kitty in it. LOL


Deb said...

Terrific pics!!
It's so awesome that the kitty loves the bed. It seems that cats like small comfy spaces, so that bed is perfect!

Miss Me said...

don't they look cozy! now you'll have to knit a 2nd one for the 2nd cat. of course, cats being cats, they would only like the original... ; )

Anonymous said...

The cat looks so comfy in his new bed!!!

shorty said...

Poor King is now jealous of his relatives! Poor poor kitty!

I will have to show my second child the kitty's, he will be so excited about them!

KnitNana said...

Love it when kitties like what you do for them! You're such a good friend!