Thursday, November 1, 2007

And yet another contest :-)

Contest Contest Contest

Go here..........

The rules are easy. Thanks hopalong682003 for sending me over there. :-)

How to play the 100 things contest game:

First, pick a number 1-100.
Write it down.
Next, read through the 100 things post (or just scroll down to the number you picked, I'll never know.)
Leave me a comment with a similar fact about yourself.
No changing your number.
One comment = one entry.
Post about this contest on your blog and get one additional entry (make sure I know you posted).
Let me know someone sent you and you both get an additional entry.


hopalong682003 said...

Good Luck! BTW, I like your Countdown to Thanksgiving. That's really cute.

Miss Me said...

i WON robin's contest! thanks for letting me know about it!!! yeah... i'm probably unreasonably excited about this...! : )

p.s. i am SO WITH YOU - 11 year old girls can like them MUCH, MUCH LATER!