Monday, March 25, 2013

Almost April Update

I just looked and realized I hadn't posted anything in almost three months.  Life sure gets in the way sometimes. 

 This was a lot cozier than I expected.  It went to my friend Cindy as a birthday gift.

Advertised as a neckwarmer but it turned out much larger than expected.  It's purple, it's perfect.  Need I say more.

Dona got a new winter coat and is going to visit her daughter in Oklahoma in a few weeks.  She requested a blue and a red scarf to match the new coat.  The blue one is seed stitch with a basketweave border and the  pattern for the red scarf can be found here.

Aren't these so pretty.  I love them but unfortunately they were too small for me.  Lucky for Mona, they fit her just right!!

My wonderful friend Sheila saw this yarn and sent it to me.  This pattern does the yarn justice.  Thanks again Sheila!!

I've been wanting to make a scrap blanket for a long time.  After ripping out two other patterns I found this one.  It's warm, it's soft, it's cozy, it's perfect, and I used up almost all my leftover Homespun.  Kathy, please note the 12" ruler for scale.

EVERYONE NEEDS A FINGER WORM!!!  Okay, maybe only I need a finger worm but he makes me happy.

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Kathy R said...

Yes, something for scale is always important! It is one of the rules I live by!