Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Musings

I was driving to work this morning and drove by a neon sign that told me that if you are not using a hands-free device the ticket will cost $159.  That got me thinking about other "fun" California laws.

1.  You must use a hands free device, as stated above.
2.  You are not allowed to text and drive.  My sister tells me in Florida they can talk, text, and eat while they drive.
3.  Gas was $4.11 per gallon this morning on my way to work which is better than the $4.35 per gallon I paid three weeks ago.   This sounds like I get gas every three weeks but no, I got gas this morning too.  It's a weekly endeavor.  I drive 42 miles round trip daily to and from work then there are the trips here and there and back again.
4.  If your windshield wipers are on, you must, by law, turn on your headlights.
The following has been discussed with my friend Kathy who lives in Texas.
5.  We are not allowed to own ferrets although they sell ferret food in Petsmart.
6.  We are not allowed to buy or sell real snakeskin objects.  You are not allowed to "bring in a purse made of mountain lion."  Backup information here.

April Mysteries

I did two this month. The first is called the Mustard Scarf although mine should be called the Blueberry Scarf.

The second mystery was designed by my co-moderator on the group, Heather. The edges came out a bit scallopy but it is definitely going to get a lot of use.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Another chemo beanie for Carole.  A lady at work told me that Carole is an LA Angels fan.  That helped me choose the latest colors for her.