Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bring on the winter!!

It's close to 100 degrees right now and I'm knitting myself mittens. Is it because winter is right around the corner? Not exactly. My snow-living friends make fun of me when I make and wear mittens. I know, 60 degrees is spring to them but to me it's cold.

I have always loved mittens and this pair was a joy to knit. Well, most of it. As I finished mitten #2 I noticed that I really didn't like the thumb on mitten number one. I thought I would just cut it and unravel it and start again. For some reason that didn't work for me and I ended up ripping the mitten back to the thumb gusset. I wasn't deterred because I knew the thumb would be correct on the second knitting of that mitten. I finished it, the thumb looked perfect, I took pictures. As I was looking at the pictures I noticed that I messed up on the cable on that mitten. I was not going to rip it back again. The mittens weren't to be a gift, they are for me. My hands certainly won't mind the "design enhancement" at all when it's sooooooooooo cold outside.

Yes Marlene, Susie, Mona, Karen, Wilma, and the rest of you snow-folks. COLD!!!!!! BRRRRRRRRRRR

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jon's "Ducks" Hat

Kevin's friend Jon said to Kevin the other day.  "You know that winter's coming and that means it's time for beanies."  Jon cracks me up and loves handknit beanies.  He requested one this year in the original Anaheim Duck's colors.  Joann's had the exact colors I needed, I was so surprised and so was Jon.

Pumpkin KAL

I have been part of a Yahoo knitting group forever. Does anyone remember BR (before Ravelry)? Yes, it's been that long. A few of us decided to do a Pumpkin KAL. The pattern called for worsted but I wanted a larger pumpkin so I used bulky yarn. Dona saw mine and wanted one of her own. Can you believe these are made from the same yarn, same color, different dye lots. Amazing!!

First Christmas gift complete

Marlene's yearly scarf is finished. I made this one for her two years ago. She requested the same thing in gray. How easy is that!

Baby Blankie for Jackie

My long time friend Maria is having a baby next month. Welcome Jaqueline!!