Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bring on the winter!!

It's close to 100 degrees right now and I'm knitting myself mittens. Is it because winter is right around the corner? Not exactly. My snow-living friends make fun of me when I make and wear mittens. I know, 60 degrees is spring to them but to me it's cold.

I have always loved mittens and this pair was a joy to knit. Well, most of it. As I finished mitten #2 I noticed that I really didn't like the thumb on mitten number one. I thought I would just cut it and unravel it and start again. For some reason that didn't work for me and I ended up ripping the mitten back to the thumb gusset. I wasn't deterred because I knew the thumb would be correct on the second knitting of that mitten. I finished it, the thumb looked perfect, I took pictures. As I was looking at the pictures I noticed that I messed up on the cable on that mitten. I was not going to rip it back again. The mittens weren't to be a gift, they are for me. My hands certainly won't mind the "design enhancement" at all when it's sooooooooooo cold outside.

Yes Marlene, Susie, Mona, Karen, Wilma, and the rest of you snow-folks. COLD!!!!!! BRRRRRRRRRRR


Kathy R said...

Absolutely love them! I hope you have a colder-than-usual winter so you can wear them a lot!

mrae said...

The mittens are Great!!!!!
They will keep you nice and warm on those 60 degree mornings!!!! ROTFLOL

hakucho said...

Love your hugs and kisses mittens! The red is super :)