Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Fall Kathy!

Two years ago I bought Kathy some fall slippers and last year I knitted her a pair. This year she received another pair. Am I starting a tradition? I don't know but I do know that these "Pocketbook Slippers" were way easy and fast.

I realized at the end of the second slipper that I was supposed to be doing K2P2 for the bottom but by then I'd done a K1P1 through the first slipper and then the second. Looking at the pattern after; I doubt it will matter. Thanks to Susie for the embellishment idea!!


hakucho said...

I love pocketbook slippers and they are so cute with the embellishment :)

Kathy R said...

I love the slipper tradition and I am very happy with these! They are a great fall color and the little flowers are so cute! (I didn't realize we have Susie to thank for that.) Thank you, Ariel, for always thinking of me!

mrae said...

That is a Great little slipper pattern. Great Fall Colors!