Thursday, February 10, 2011

Speed Knitting

We had a knitting race on the Mystery 220 group. So much of the country was shut down for a few days that we decided we needed something to amuse ourselves. Luckily I live in a place that has beautiful weather but I wanted to show my support. Our race was scarves vs cowls and I was in the cowl group. One would think that the cowls would go faster, they seem easier right? One of our members even counted the stitches on the scarf and on the two sizes of cowl just to make sure it was somewhat fair. The scarves almost won. We pulled ahead right at the end though. I'll never need a cowl where I live but this was a great pattern and I have a friend who is going to find it in her mailbox soon.


hakucho said...

That's a very cute cowl!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am going to love it. THANK YOU!

shorty said...

Super fun:) You are so good at what you do! Love that you are having so much fun doing it. I wish I enjoyed sewing as much as you enjoy knitting;)