Monday, January 17, 2011

Ugly dishcloths

I've been in a Yahoo knitting group for many years with a wonderful group of women. Every now and again we have some sort of swap. We decided that we should do a Valentine themed dishcloth swap. My partner is my dear friend Karen. I don't think Karen reads my blog so I'm writing about it now even though she won't see these for another couple of weeks. The thing about Karen is that she won't use gifted dishcloths because she says they're too pretty. I want my dishcloths to be used so I made them ugly on purpose. I purled, yarn overed, and made random cables and bobbles. I think these are the funnest dishcloths I've ever made.

Please note that they are red for Valentine's Day. I believe I kept to the theme. I can't wait to hear what she says when she sees them.


mrae said...

ROTFLMAO Karen will LOVE them!!!!!

hakucho said...

I LOVE them(not that ugly - but it's the thought that counts)...and I bet Karen will too :)

Dawn said...

That's too funny! I bet she'll love them and probably still not use them! ;O)

PS. Geez you're FAST! You guys just started the swap!

shorty said...

You are WAY. TOO. FUN.

Karen said...

And I absolutely love them. Still going to be hard to use them cause they are not that
What a fun swap. Thank you and the best part is you consider me a dear friend....SMOOCH