Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sarah's Dishcloths

I don't like asparagus but Sarah makes the most amazingly incredibly awesome pickled asparagas and I'm addicted to them. The problem, she lives in Oklahoma. Thankfully her mom goes and visits once a year and brings some home for me. This year I got a bonus and she was coming out for a visit. We decided on a trade. Dishcloths for asparagus. The first picture of five is my payment. The second two are on their way to her now as a down-payment on the next batch.

Thanks again Sarah.............. yummmmmmmmm!!!


mrae said...

A Good Trade!!

Jean in Georgia said...

Not entirely sure about pickled asparagus, but I love the dishcloths!

shorty said...

You are too funny! I love the down I am going to have to make more asparagus:) My farmer guy might be out this year so I might have to scout out another source! I will make it happen!hehe

shorty said...

Oh BTW-You are welcome!

Oh and BTW BTW- Thank YOU for the dish clothes, as I have said before they are BY FAR my fav to use and I have to do dishes my hand so it is important I use the best of the best...thus I use yours! It was great seeing you while I was there...trip would not have been complete had I missed seeing you!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Pretty dishcloths. I love the colors you used.
I've never heard of pickled asparagus. I love to eat it raw right out of the ground.