Monday, August 31, 2009

Nut Cup (or is it for M&M's)

One of my favorite designers, Anita Wheeless, was looking for test knitters and I volunteered. She had several items she needed tested but I asked for something easy. She assigned me a nut cup. I'd never been a test knitter before and this was very fun to knit. Technically it is a nut cup but when I test knit it, it was around Valentine's Day and the pink and white M&M's were plentiful. The pattern isn't ready for publication yet but keep an eye on her Ravelry page or blog. She did say that I could post it on Ravelry and my blog. If you like it, please let Anita know.

Thanks Anita!!!!


Dawn said...

I enjoy test knitting! It's really kind of fun to see how it works out! Cute nut cup!

mrae said...

It turned out Great!!

Sheila said...

That is very cute. They would make great gifts for good friends.

shorty said...

Now that is a fun little basket!