Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Dishcloth Swap Receiving

There is nothing better than getting a box in the mail. You always know something wonderful will be inside. This was no exception. I just got home from work and found a box from my secret dishcloth pal.

Michelle's note made me laugh. She didn't send chocolate because of the heat and it was coming all the way from Ohio so I don't blame her. She sent the perfect substitution. I love Smarties and she filled a cute cosmetic bag with Smarties as well as sending me a giant roll of Smarties. There's nothing happier than a whole giant roll of Smarties.

She also sent the prettiest two dishcloths. One is purple (can't go wrong there) and a really pretty round one in blue/lavender (another great color choice). Peaches N Cream dishcloth yarn in one of my favorite colors (anything purple works for me). The cute cosmetic bag filled with Smarties, jasmine bath gel with a body puff, a refrigerator magnet, and then last but by no means least is two skeins of Bernat Cot n Corn yarn. I saw it the other day, picked it up, and put it down. I was sure that I didn't need to buy any more yarn but it's so soft. I'll be casting on another bag with that and that bag will be for me. I haven't kept any of the bags yet but I love the color of the yarn and the way it feels.

Thanks so much Michelle for every single item and for all the thought you put into my surprise.


michelle f said...

I'm so happy you liked everything! And enjoy the Smarties! :)

Dandy said...

what a cute wrapped pkg....

me being from Canada.. I was looking for chocolate smarties...

what you call smarties we call "rockets" here and usually get them for