Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I need to go to Bags Anonymous

The orange one is for my friend Ellen, the green one is for Susie, and the blue one goes in my pile of bags-that-need-a-home.

These were for my Going Green Swap partner.

The pink and brown (it really is a nice brown but seems to look burgundy in the picture) is a little on the smallish side but it'll tuck nicely in my purse if I'm just getting a few items.

This one went to my friend Jennifer. She's introducing me to Chinese Cooking. This was a thank you gift.

And let's not forget this one. My friend Ellen sent me some leftover Corn Fiber yarn so I could play with it. The bag is small but what great colors:

I've lost count of how many I've done but there's a green one on the needles right now.


Anonymous said...

You are really, really going green this summer!!
Great Bags!!

KnitNana said...

lolol! Bags Anon...
Wonder if they'd let me in, even tho' I only make fabric bags?

Knit what you love, hon!!!

Kathy R said...

You are single-handedly saving California from the scourge of plastic bags!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I just love them! How long does it take you to make one?
Dishcloth Swap Pal

shorty said...

L O V E the pink and brown one! So once you learn to cook Chinese will you pass some hints onto me? WE LOVE CHINESE!!

Anne Kaelber said...

Oh, I like this pattern....I may have missed an earlier post ('cause I'm new to your blog!) where you mention the pattern. Is it knit or crochet? Is it free or in a book somewhere? I have way too much (is that really possible?) "dishcloth cotton" and I would love to make a bunch of these up for carrying sodas in from the car!


TeaMouse said...

I definitely need to make some of these - I have some queued up in Ravelry but i haven't gotten around to making them, maybe in the spring Your's look so nice.