Friday, April 11, 2008

Favorite Color Swap

WOW is all I can say. Chris sent the most amazing things and said in the note that he wanted to keep it all himself. I'm sure glad he didn't. First, chocolate licorice......oh yum. I couldn't wait to taste it but had to take a picture first. Two bars of Dagoba chocolate. If you ever see them, you have to try them. I've had the lavender before but never the mint. Again, yummmmmmmmm. Malibrigo yarn - it's so funny, I've been seeing it on blogs all over the place lately. I checked it out online and found a store nearby that sold it. I've gone to that store twice this week and it's been closed due to an illness in the family. And now I have some in the most perfect colors. It is as soft and nice as everyone says. He also sent personalized stationary, Knitpicks DPN's, cucumber/melon hand lotion, a cucumber candle (one of my favorite scents), three skeins of bamboozle yarn in the prettiest purple and blue, and last but not least a crafty alien hedgehog kit. I have never seen those and I can't wait to make him. Chris, you outdid yourself!!! Thank you so much!!!!

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Susan said...

Very nice gifts for sure! I'm getting excited about my parter receiving my gifts.