Sunday, June 30, 2013

Today's harvest:

In the bowl – Serrano chili’s, red thai chili, yellow pear tomatoes
In the sink – cucumbers, green chilis, tomatoes, lemon cucumbers

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Conjoined cucumber - - - -

What I've been knitting:

Ballband Mania!!

Backup cozies for Dona and me

Pink hat just cuz

Blue beanie for Jon and an extra to be determined

Market bag - this will be a gift

NINJA!!!!  Soon to be gifted

Brown fingerless mitts

He makes me smile!

Dishcloth exchange for MJ

I love this infinity scarf
Fingerless Mitts for Sarah

From the garden to the oven - -

When life gives you squash you make zucchini bread.  I used my regular zucchini bread recipe and substituted the yellow crooknecks.  YUM!!!!

With all our fresh tomatoes and basil I started thinking about caprese salad.  All I needed was some fresh mozzarella cheese to go with it.  I got it in my head to make some.  I remembered seeing it made on TV and started hunting down recipes.  I needed rennet and ascorbic acid which was nowhere to be found but the internet is a lovely thing and I was able to aquire those two items. The only other ingredient I needed was whole milk.  The only requirement for the milk was that it wasn't ultra-pasteurized.  I went to Sprouts and found raw milk.  It was a bit more expensive than I expected but if I was going to make cheese I was going to do it right.  

My cheese.  Isn't it cute!!

And my caprese salad.   

I will be making cheese again and again.

See My Garden Grow

My harvests this past month and I am LOVING the garden!!
Can't wait to see what I find out there today.